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Snorkel Cruise “7 Nights -3 Atolls”


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Our snorkel cruises in the Maldives offer a unique way to explore this beautiful archipelago. Travelling in small groups you will encounter all the colors of this island paradise above and beneath the water line. Tropical temperature all year round  and an endless number of islands, sand banks and reefs. The abundance of marine life in Maldives belongs to the best in the world with common encounters with turtles, rays, dolphins and also sharks. Even the worlds biggest fish, the majestic whale shark, is a regular visitor at maldivian reefs.

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Trip Date

02.10.-09.10.2022, 03.04.-10.04.2022, 04.12.-11.12.2022, 05.06.-12.06.2022, 06.11.-13.11.2022, 09.10.-16.10.2022, 10.04.-17.04.2022, 11.12.-18.12.2022, 13.03.-20.03.2022, 13.11.-20.11.2022, 14.08.-21.08.2022, 15.05.-22.05.2022, 18.09.-25.09.2022, 18.12.-25.12.2022, 20.11.-27.11.2022, 21.08.-28.08.2022, 22.05.-29.05.2022, 29.05.-05.06.2022


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