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Snorkel Cruises Maldives

The Maldives belong definitely to the “must see”destinations on our planet. You´ll rarely find a place of such natural beauty and tranquility elsewhere. We simply love this place above and below the ocean surface. Come to paradise with us and we show you its treasures. 


7 nights MV Aisha

Group Charter

7/14 night Yasawa Princess

+49 1520 247 8392

Snorkel Guide

Snorkeling a sport for everyone!

Freedom seems limitless under the water surface.
We can recommend everyone to try snorkeling themselves and experience the diversity of the underwater world up close. With a minimum of equipment and knowledge, a plump life with complex processes can already be observed in the flat bank zones of the Maldivian Islands. Hundreds of colorful fish live together in perfect neighborhood. When snorkeling, we always recommend wearing fins, as this already makes a pleasant, horizontal swimming layer on the surface without “tipping down”, arms should be lying on the side of the body or better on the back.
The movement comes from the hip with a slightly bent knee. Avoid ineffective “cycling” due to too much bent knees. Your fins should not be too tight, otherwise cramps might occur. The mask should fit well and be made of silicone, which adapts well to the face shape and forms a good end on the skin. Avoiding putting sunscreen on your face before snorkeling, it leads to very uncomfortable burning senses in the eyes and constant water slump into the mask because the edge seals badly. For the absolute perspective, even a simple but very effective trick: rub normal, gel-free toothpaste on the glass before snorkeling, let it dry and rinse well.
And you are ready to start !!
We wish you a lot of fun and would be happy to welcome you to one of our snorkeling tours on board the MV Aisha!